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In a sampling of 17,407 Zip codes (48.46% of total Zips)
We found that 16.1% had more than one office.1,2

If you have multiple offices
your challenges are:

1. Do you expand?
2. Do you maintain?
3. Do you consolidate?


  1. REality for Multi-office, instantly gives you in-depth color coded mapping that
    coherently define your path to breakthrough success.
  2. Pictorially define your market-share in any area, zip-code or city.
  3. Identify the sales of each of your offices, color coded to measure overlapping.
  4. Lease is up in an office? Use REality output to decide: Renew or amalgamate.
  5. Easily find, and have internal insight to less successful offices, ready to merge.
  6. Bottom line? Your growth is measured with your own yardstick.


REality's graphic media proves that knowledge is power. The power of REality gives you the ability to apply that knowledge and bring your Company to its next income plateau.

Spend just 12 minutes
to see for yourself.

For 33 years we have been helping
real estate professionals build their businesses.


2May 17 2017 Study of 17,407 randomly selected zipcodes performance for the last 12 month by IMS Incorporated.
Please note you may not use these statistics without written permission. (c) IMS Incorporated.